My New Vice

Rock / Punk / Hardcore

Band Members:
- Vocals & Guitar
Guilotine - Guitar
Smiley - Bass & Backups
Darrell - Drums

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My New Vice is a four piece underground rock, punk and metal band from Portland Oregon, formed in 2006. The band's current line up consists of Luke Valley on lead vocals and guitar, Guil Halstead- guitar, Smiley Whiplash- bass & vocals and Darrell George on drums. My New Vice has been a major contributor to the underground scene in Portland. 

Although their 2007 album "Blood in the Water" was a success, it wasn't until their second release "Pharmapseudopsycho" that they would start to get some attention. Getting some mild air play and national shows, two members, Smiley and Guil, decided to start a small indie record label called Horns Up Records! The third album Burnt Tubes and Black Outs was also successful though it was only released online.

In late 2015 the band's original drummer Damien Smith passed away due to health complications and left the band devastated. But the band regrouped with its current drummer, long time childhood friend of singer Luke Valley. Darrell George, the current drummer, is set to be on the upcoming release and has been shredding on the skins.

My New Vice by Willamette Week 

Local band lands show in national spotlight with the likes of Rev Run of "RUN DMC" & Kid Rock. Third in the line up not to bad.

My New Vice by “My New Vice is the baddest ass killer super cool
“My New Vice is the baddest ass killer super cool punk rock blues band from Hell and I love it!” – Dave Dictor, founding father of American hardcore, lead singer of MDC and writer for Maximum Rock n Roll Magazine. Online Review

My New Vice by * - 94/7 FM - Alternative Portland ... My Favorite
* - 94/7 FM - Alternative Portland ... My Favorite Everything, My New Vice, Neon Culpa, New Century Schoolbook, New Colony, Ninjas With Syringes, No Go Know, Non Sequitur, Norfolk & Western ...

My New Vice by Official Lady GaGa Pre-Party, Barracuda, Portland,
Official Lady GaGa Pre-Party, Barracuda, Portland, Thursday ... Aug 17, 2010 ... He's 27 and stirring up the hip-hop world in Portland, ... My Life In Black and White, Get Dead, My New Vice, All Bets On Death, and more. ...

My New Vice by San Francisco Chronicle
Listed number 2 in a top ten list of best indie bands in the U.S. -San Francisco Chronicle

My New Vice by Portland Tribune
ROCK ‘Viva La Luna’ showcase KUFO’s local show, “Viva La Luna,” hosts an event featuring four of Portland’s most promising rock acts. While the city has become known as a mecca for indie pop, there’s a wealth of bands playing heavier music. If you’d rather listen to Queens of the Stone Age than the Decemberists, tonight’s show – which features Red Fang, Auralust, My New Vice and the Days the Nights (formerly the Mirrors) – is an excellent chance to dive in and find new favorite bands.

A few bands My New Vice has had the pleasure to do shows with: Kid Rock, Rev Run of “Run DMC”, Red Fang, Poison Idea, The Meatmen, The Generators, Zeke, Joe Buck of HANK III, Floater, Five Finger Death Punch, M.D.C., Atreyu, Spittin’ Cobras, SNFU, Flexx Bronco, All Bets on Death, Get Dead, & My Life In Black and White. Many more good ones to come.

Stage Specs:
A Stage that fits 4 including drums with room to move! Power in the front of the stage for pedals to plug into, power in the rear of stage for amps and lights to plug into
1 meal ticket for each band member, beer and water for the band, safe good parking, a proper place to set up merch and a percentage of ticket sales or bar sales at the end of the gig. 

We are a 4 piece band!

Darrell- Drums, 5 piece, 3 symbols
Luke Valley- Guitar- Vocals. 1 Mesa Boogie 100 watt half stack- Dual Rec, One mic and one pedal board
Guillotine- Guitar- 1 Mesa Boogie 100 watt half stack- Dual Rec. and pedal board
Smiley- Bass- 2 '15inch cab, half stack, one mic.